Favourite TA accessories

And here they are - TA owners' favourite accessories, based on a survey amongst the members of International Transalp Mailing List. To understand this: Inquired was a top 10 list of accessories, each member had added to his/her Transalp, with the best thought or most important on no. 1. For each no.1 item I gave 10 points, for a no.2 item 9 points, and so on. Some items I combined to groups, f.e. I combined the items "steel braided brake line", "bigger front brake rotor", and "brake pads" to the group "brake enhancement", and Christos' police siren I added to "louder horns" ;-). Click the links for a detailed look at the items of a group.
So far I received data from 14 TAML members. And if you are not a TAML member, feel free to send me your personal top10 accessories anyway. And at least, you're also free to become a member of that famous, world-wide Transalp Mailing List (TAML).

Please note, that this is not a list of accessories mostly mounted on a TA, but a list considered the most important ones by TA owners. Also, not everything is mounted, but desired to be mounted ...

PlaceItemPointsNumber of entriesRemarks
2windscreen7811mostly higher ones mounted
 brake enhancement748brake page
4center stand497 
5seat487seat page
6antitheft stuff406Dimitrios´ antitheft stuff
7progressive fork springs364mostly WP or Wirth
8stronger headlamp346mostly they mounted stronger bulbs
9tires305tire pages
10electronic bycicle trip computer226 

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