Tire Survey Results
Sampled in '96 by Erik Astrup

NameFront BrandFront modelRear BrandRear ModelNotes
ALAN ADELMANBridgestoneTrailwingBridgestoneTrailwingFront: Great in rain, OK in dirt, Good on pavement, vibrates and wanders over 75 mph. Rear: Same as Trailwing front but also doesn't last very long

AvonGripsterNot as good in rain as Trailwing, much less vibration on pavement, OK in dirt, should last until 8,000 mi or so. Over all very satisfactory and low cost tire.
ERIK ASTRUPMetzelerSaharaMetzelerSaharaGot rid of them because I do 99.9% street riding. For the street they are "ok". Never had a chance to ride in "real" dirt to see how they were.
ERIK ASTRUPMetzelerLazerDunlopK591Both are excellent street tires. Cannot be beat, especially the K591 which can be had in the US for as little as $80. The 591 is not available in for the front.
JOHN K. D'ADDIODunlopTrailmaxDunlopTrailmaxMileage: (Still working on first set.) Good for the road, but slip easily in dirt. No problems.

Comments: 1st used together with original TW42 rear, then together with Michelin T63 - an awful combination!

Comments: defenitely 1st choice! Excellent grip in fast curves, good on wet. tracks, performance on off-road trails is sufficent

BridgestoneTW42Comments: good alrounder, but didn't last long enough.

MichelinT63Comments: only for off-road usage. To uncomfortable and noisy on long distancerides. Excellent in large gravel

MetzelerME55/METRONICComments: defenitely 1st choice! Excellent grip in fast curves, good on wet tracks, performance on off-road trails is sufficent



DunlopK750quickie, soft rubber

PHILIP KRAMERAvonGripsterAvonGripsterThey seem pretty nice so far. I'll put about 600 miles on this weekend, so I'll letcha know. I'm not a very aggressive rider: I don't push them very hard.
Factory Yokohamas Front tire cupping bad enough to hear it at 70mph at 4K miles. Replaced at 5500. Rear tire shot at 4800, but I rode on it till 5500 miles. Opinion; these tires sucked overall. They did nothing well.
TRANSALP KELLEYMichelinT66MichelinT66Front, non-radial. Good handling, about 3800 miles on it now, good for another 4000. Rear, radial. Has had a wobble since new, has worn quickly. Also has 3800 miles on it. Maybe another 800 to a thousand. Great street handling, more than adequate dirt/mud handling. Quiet and stable.
ALAN MOOREAvonGripsterAvonGripsterFront: Comments: still new, good grip, bit wobbly at 110mph.Rear: Comments: super in all conditions but not much good off road. Very sticky but quick wear rate.
FABRIZIO GARATTONIMetzelerEnduro 4MetzelerEnduro 4Comments: Simply fantastic (in Italy these tires are used by BMW) Rear:Like the front one. My TA seems a train on a railway!!

Mileage has ranged from 10,000 to 15,000 miles.I've used the ME33 and ME99 combo at the track, Sears Point Raceway. I was able to scrape pegs on both sides, cornering speeds ranging from about 30 to 80??? (I was too busy to look at the speedo!!!) miles an hour without any tire sliding at all.

MetzelerME88I've gotten as many as 15,000 miles from the ME88.For spirited street riding I find the ME33 and ME88 combo to work just fine, no scraping of pegs, but no slides either. The only problem with the ME88 is that I commute on a freeway 50 miles a day and the tire tends to square at about 11,000 miles making the tire not much fun for sport riding.Bottom line, if most of your riding is street sport riding, the ME33 and ME99 combo is great:

MetzelerME99Mileage from ME99 has ranged from 7,500 to 10,000 miles
TOM CEVROYokohamaE705

This was the originally mounted front tire and it was not completely round. The front of my TA went slightly up and down at speeds lower than 50 km/h.(2000 km with passenger and holiday load). Yokohama E 705: These tires were the original ones and had run 5000 km when I bought the bike. The TA was in mint condition and the rear tire looked about half worn. >From 7000 to 9500 km, I drove mostly on Autobahn and on fast roads with passenger and max load. The weather was very hot and I was surprised by the total lack of instability and wobble at any speed from 1 to 158 km/h ! (Air inflation was 2.1 / 2.4 Kg.) Stability seems to me today to be the Yokohamas greatest force.I could see the rear tire wear from day to day though. They were OK for normal riding but I never tried to push any limits . Better traction on gravel and poor surfaces than the Michelins..
TOM CEVROMichelinT66

More than 10 000 km. Probably about twice as much.Comments: It has run about 4500 km with passenger and max load.Michelin T 66:I have never found out whether these tires are bad or good and that probably means there are better choices out there.. When I changed to the T 66 during my 3 week holiday tour, the TA suddenly became unstable and the tail went slightly from side to side when riding over bumps and started to wobble when speed was exceeding 100 km/h. Most unpleasant. I asumed the reason was too low inflation and filled it up. Too make it short; Those tires made me so frustrated because I never gained the same stability as with the Yokohamas. Tire inflations from 2.0 to 3.0 kg was tried without finding a good compromise. They produced significantly more noise too.I will not recommend them for "two up with baggage" touring. Solo riding is fun though and you can go fast on twisty roads and have a lot of fun. Correct air inflation is vital and makes the whole difference. ( I have found that about 2.0 F and 2.2 R works well for me.( Michelin says 2.2 F/2.5 R ?? Makes them uncomfortable to ride..)Not for offroad use.

YokohamaE705 Completely worn out in the middle.(2000 km with passenger and holiday load). Should have been changed a little earlier..

MichelinT66It has run about 4500 km with passenger and max load. To be replaced shortly.

MichelinSiracLast minute input,comparison T 66/Sirac:Comments: I Changed from Michelin T 66 X last week and my initial impressions are these: After 1000 km I have found Sirac extremely more suitable for touring with passenger and baggage. Did 730 km last weekend on all kinds of roads through middle/western parts of Norway with girlfriend and 20 - 30 kg extra pack and it was pure joy ! Summary: Sirac for touring and also for moderate offroad use ( I don't go offroad much because bikes are too expensive ..). Convincing in curves (feels better than T 66.Probably because T 66 was worn..)Feels more "nervous" when going solo though. T 66 for comfort,straight line stability (retningstabilitet) and sport when going solo but NOT for touring with 2 up and 3 weeks baggage.
SHOUN@5BY5.COMBridgestoneTrailwingDunlopk750Front: 9,000 miles total on the bike now. This was the tire on the bike when I bought it (at 4,000 miles). Very badly scalloped (possibly due to underinflation). Replacing with Avon Gripsters as soon as possible.Rear:: 9,000 miles total on the bike now. This was the tire on the bike when I bought it (at 4,000 miles). Tread worn well past limits in center but no cord showing (yet). Replacing with Avon Gripsters as soon as possible.