How to mount a JF centerstand

Let the two bolts (1) slip into the holes (2) of the ProLink mounting. These holes you'll find, when peeping from below, between the ProLink lever axe (8) and the rear traversal frame tube (9). Mount the plate (3), the safety rings (4) and the M10 nuts (5) and tighten firmly. Put the the two springs one into the other und put it to (6) and (7).

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When owning a '87-'88 US version of TA (even if you purchased it later, it's still a '87-'88 model!), you won't find the holes (2), as well as you can't mount the genuine Honda centerstand. So you can do two things:


for what do I really need a centerstand?

For greasing the chain?
No, definitely not. And if you haven't available a stand like this - a suitable piece of wood or a box is as good...

For working on the rear wheel?
Or changing the chain? No. And when having a flat tire while being out - have a look at the picture before.

For working on the frontwheel?
Aeeh - not really. I must admit, that you may have a little problem when having trouble while being out. But with a little help from your friend you may manage to put the wheel up - and in all of the years of riding experience I never (knock on wood) had a front wheel problem preventing me from riding home safely.

So, when having a bike stand like this
, there's no real need for a centerstand - it just increases the weight and decreases the ground clearance. This stand I once found on a biker's fair, and since I felt like constructing such a stand by myself in those days, I thought giving DEM 69.- (US$ 46.-) for it was'nt worth the work I would have building my own one. It's both height and width adjustable, thus it can be put also below the swingarm. I didn't demonstrate this, but it works, the stand has been originally made for this.

Putting the bike up the stand
is easy to do, you won't need another hand (just for being photographed ;-)).

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