Howto change spark plugs (by special request ;-)))

Disclaimer: I do my very best to tell the correct things, but of course I can give you no warranty!

Tools you will need

Changing plugs is as well easy as a little difficult. Easily changeable are the plugs you can see, i.e. the side plug of the rear cylinder ;-)). Yes, ok, and the side plug of the front cylinder. You don't necessarily need to remove the right front fairing, but it's a little bit easier to change, if you do it.

To change the front plug of front cylinder, you have to remove left front fairing first. And even if you've done, it's difficult enough. Best, you remove the complete engine ... No, just kidding ... ;-))) But be sure to wear gloves, else you will scratch your skin on the radiator.

To change the rear plug of the rear cylinder, you have to remove the side fairings (below the seat) and the seat itself, then it's easy to do.

Be sure, that the engine is cold, because

You might grease the plugs' threads with copper paste to prevent possible corrosion, but don't use normal grease. If lacking copper paste, better leave them as they are.

Pictures following later (possibly ;-) ) ...

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