How to lift up your bike

Especially when riding offroad, it may happen sooner as you can think ... you dropped your bike.

To lift it up again, you have to follow a certain strategy. It's a matter of transmission, you know? F.e., grabbing your bike somewhere in the middle of it and trying to lift it, won't work. You would have to lift the complete 195 kg. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger won't manage, I guess.

Assuming now, your bike lying there and crying for help. The very first thing you should do, is switch off the engine. Rather use the engine stop switch than ignition key. Step to the side, where the handle bar is, and with one hand grab the bar as far below as possible. Grabbing the (now, since the bike is lying) upper part of the bar, won't help you. Transmission, you know? Where tp put he other hand now? I use to grab the rear subframe (where luggage carrier is mounted), but I'm not sure, if you can spread your arms as wide. Alternatively, you may grab the bike at the frame below the seat, or the lower edge of the tank, respectively, but it's easier, to put hand as far to bike's tail as possible. Now bend your knees a bit and use the power of your legs to lift the bike up to an angle of appr. 45 deg. Did you ever watch a weight lifter's competition? Do it similar. You have more power in your legs than in your arms, also it won't do harm to your spine.
Once you've managed this, main work is done. Step forward with one leg (the one pointing to bike's tail), and rest the bike on your thigh. Now, additionally using your body weight and the power of the leg, the bike is resting on, put it upright. Doing this way, I even managed to lift up the bike, while wheels were pointing uphill ... However, that was really a hard work ;-) .
Important: When having lifted up the bike, wait some 5 or 10 minutes before starting the engine, if possible. Engine oil will be anywhere, but not where it has to be: in crankcase. Thus, if starting immediately, oil pump may run dry, and no oil pressure is set up.

Sounds quite easy, eh? ;-) You also may train it: By assistance of a strong friend, carefully lay the bike down. If you do this on a meadow, or with some old woolen blanket put below, you won't scratch it, and try to lift it. If you shouldn't manage, you still have your friend to help you ... ;-)) It's a good idea to try this, while tank is nearly empty, since some fuel may drip out of tank's airing. And better don't smoke ... ;-)

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