Hein Gericke aftermarket parts for TA up to model year '89

It's not yet complete, but I'm working on it ...
This list you can get for free at Hein Gericke's, you just have to fill out a form Disclaimer: Part numbers and prices as from SEP 96, but without any warranty! All parts are related to Transalp model year <= 89, except for those explicitely marked. For newer models there are partly different parts and part numbers (f.e. brake linings (front and rear), chain and sprockets)
Hein Gericke, Duesseldorf, Germany
Tel.: 0211-9898824
fax : 0211-9898829


batterymodel Performance2400103864.90
batterymodel Varta2400098483.95
gasket setall gaskets incl. cylinder head 12600081389.95
catalytic converter 22009858249.00
clutch cap gasket 260105189.90
clutch springsset (4 pcs.) 22500071619.95
clutch disks FCC3 disks 32501012030.00
air filter42600061136.95
magnetic oil-drain screweveryone should have260005529.95
oil filter 2600054116.95
oil filter wrench 2900003114.95
oil temp. gaugewith aluminium housing, replaces oil level gauge250018264.95
oil temp. gauge 2500101489.00
Racimex oil temp. displayincl. housing, also needed: thermo giver2200090198.00
Racimex thermo giverreplaces oil-drain screw2200091724.90
muffler Laser Pro Durostainless steel22007723757.00
muffler Sebringblack/silver22009066578.00
muffler Sebringblack/gold22009067525.00
spark plugNGK DPR-8 EA-9, distance betw. electrodes: 9 mm 5260015414.95
spark plug connectorNGK SD05F 12 mm straight260021154.95

Frame / brakes

brake lining rearfor drum brake!2400254524.90
brake pads frontPerformance(6)2400254524.90
brake pads frontPerformance Kevlar Mix(6)2400246629.90
brake pads frontDunlopad metal(6)2400310449.90
brake line kit frontHO.124-1C steel armed25000374139.00
fork springsWhitePower progressive l=615mm, d=35mm22031074169.00
fork oil f.WP springsSAE10W, oil level: 160mm, 1 ltr2203056024.90
fork oil f.OEM springsSAE7.5W, 1 ltr2203055724.90
fork seal ring set41*54*11 mm2600103614.90
stearing head bearing 2200311866.90
shock absorber rearWP, without compensation, -'8822030673799.00
shock absorber rearWP, without compensation22030649799.00
speedometer drive 2600120115.90

Chain and sprockets

chain DID525V9 128 links,O-ring,endl.(7)24001230194.90
chain RK525SMO 118 links,O-ring,endl., -'9224001363135.90
chain RK525SMO 120 links,O-ring,endl., '93-24001121137.90
chain&sprockets set15/47/118, RK O-ring, -'8823999542196.95
chain&sprockets set15/47/118, RK O-ring, '89-'9223999539~198.00
chain&sprockets set15/47/120, RK O-ring, '93-23999544~200.00
sprocket rear47 teeth2400188746.95
sprocket rear49 teeth (at last!)2400190150.95
sprocket front15 teeth, -'882400145713.95
sprocket front15 teeth, -'89-24001469~15.00
master link DID525V9, removable, in case of emergency240012297.90
master link RK525SMO, removable, in case of emergency240013684.00
master link RK525SMO, rivet240013694.00
cut off tooluniversal2900001044.95
chain tool RKfor cutting off and riveting29001000139.00
chain tool accessoriesadaptor f. DID chains2900100121.95


tankbagTuareg straps, 10-19 l, black2100212599.00
tankbagTuareg magnetic, 10-19 l, black21002135129.99
Five Stars bag carrierwhite21040303159.00
Five Stars bag carrierblack21040397159.00
Givi adaptor platefor mounting on OEM carrier2104005495.00
Givi Deluxe bagblack, 36 l. All Givi bags also useable as topcase21040076333.00
Givi Deluxe bagblack, 46 l2104077366.00
Givi Deluxe accessoriesbackrest f. 36/46 l2104006869.00
Givi Elegant bagwhite, 36 l21040012275.00
Givi Elegant bagred, 36 l21040014275.00
Givi Elegant bagblue, 36 l21040015275.00
Givi Elegant bagblack, 36 l l21040028275.00
Givi Elegant bagwhite, 45 l21040016289.00
Givi Elegant bagred, 45 l21040018289.00
Givi Elegant bagblue, 45 l21040019289.00
Givi Elegant bagblack, 45 l21040029289.00
Givi Elegant accessoriesbackrest f. 36/45 l2104003079.00
Givi Elegant accessoriescarrier f. 36/45 l2104003179.00
Givi Elegant accessoriesinside bag, Nylon f. 36/45 l2104003329.00
Givi Espace topcasewhite/red, 40 l21040035259.00
Givi Espace topcaseblue/red, 40 l21040036259.00
Givi Espace topcaseanthracite, 40 l21040037259.00
Givi Maxia bagblack, 50 l21040070399.00
Givi Maxia bagwhite, 50 l21040071399.00
Givi Maxia bagred, 50 l21040072399.00
Givi Maxia bagblue, 50 l21040073399.00
Givi Maxia accessoriesbackrest2104006869.00
Givi Maxia accessoriescarrier2104006969.00
Givi Monokey bagblack, 28 l21040000255.00
Givi Monokey bagblack, 34 l21040001235.00
Givi Monokey bagblack, 38 l21040004265.00
Givi Monokey accessoriesbackrest f. 28/34/38 l l2104001059.00
Givi Monokey accessoriescarrier2104001159.00
Givi Traffic Topcaseblack, 28 l21040020189.00
Givi Traffic accessoriesrail2104002456.00
Givi Wingrack A-setmounting set21040511109.00
Givi Wingrack bag carrierf. 2 bags, without mounting set21040502222.00
H&B mini carrierblack2101003099.99
H&B bag carrierblack21010263305.00
Kappa bag carrierblack21050350141.00
Kappa topcase carrierblack2105034099.00
Krauser A-set K2mounting set2102032079.00
Krauser bag carrier K2black21020200159.00
Krauser topcase carrier K2black21020201129.00
Nonfango flashlights 2107002159.90
Nonfango sidekitmountable without pac, for further infos pls.contact HG's21072308 189.00

Add ons

flash light rear 2200133729.95
flash light rearglass only220013423.95
flash light frontright2200133829.95
flash light frontleft2200133929.95
footpegs offroaduniversal, black (8)2400270629.95
gear lever 2200375138.90
center stand-'8822003363149.00
center stand'89-, not for US models!22003368~141.00
mirrorleft or right mountable2400063119.95
crash barwhite, -'8822023603189.00
crash barwhite, '89-22023601189.00
crash barblack, -'8822023607189.00
wind screen Givitinted, -'93, 5-7 cm higher than OEM22006001169.00
wind screen Givitinted, '93-, 5 cm higher than OEM22006079168.00
Personal remarks and experiences
  1. Caution!Cylinder head gasket has blown through after 5,000 km (3100 mls)! I recommend using genuine Honda part.
  2. Gave them back, too. The springs were such strong, I could hardly draw the clutch lever. After all, my name is Deti, not Arnold! BTW: Genuine parts are not more expensive!
  3. You'll need two sets of them, i.e. DEM 60.- together. Not recommendable, under heavy demand (while being offroad f.e.) they tend to skid. A pretty good alternative to the one-ton-of-money genuine parts (> DEM 170.00) are Lukas disks, purchaseble for DEM 99.00 f.e. at Detlev Louis'.
  4. I always took the genuine part (is for ~ DEM 44.00). K&N offers a reuseable air filter, and it works great!
  5. In case someone shouldn't know: you need 4 of them!
  6. I recommend using genuine Honda pads. Hands off of these Dunlopads! I noticed extensive fading and rotor wear out when using them. I don't know anything about the Kevlar pads, so if you have any experiences with these things, please send me an eMail! Currently, I'm using Lukas pads, by recommendation of my Honda dealer (DEM 45.-). Until now they are working pretty well, I'll report my experiences.
  7. If 128 links is the correct info, then attention! Since the TA needs 118 links (120 since model year '94), the chain must be shortened. For that you'll need a special and suitable tool!
  8. Before you gonna purchase these things - you know, that you can dismount these rubber pads, getting pretty good offroad pegs then?
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