Terry and his Transalp

Terry Mallen from Seattle, Washington State, USA sent me this:

Dear Deti:
Here's a shot I took this past weekend in the mountains near Seattle, Washington State, USA.

Terry Mallen

terry1 terry2

... I've made some additions to the dash of the TA that you can see in the photo. I tried to keep everything stock, without the drilling of new holes and such. What you see is a small triangular piece of cedar covered in velcro. The guages have velcro tabs that allow placement anywhere on the piece. You can also see that I've secured the whole thing with rubber covered springs that run down to the existing screws. My bike computer rides on the small wooden cylinder that comes out of the right side of the block.

Although it's not high-tech, the whole thing works quite well and does not vibrate at all. I'm hoping to add a small digital compass as well.

So here's my humble attempt at improving the breed. Cheers and happy holidays. Keep up the wonderful work you do on you fine website.

Terry Mallen
North Bend, Washington, USA

Click the pic to get a fullsize version.


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