Mike and his Transalp

John Gartside from Wales wrote:

Hi Detlev,
This is a recent picture of a chap I 'met' through your website. His name is Mike Ralph and he lives not too far away from me in Wolverhampton. We began sending e-mails to each other after he had read my details on the guest page. The weather has been pretty horrible here recently, so after a good few weeks of waiting and getting frustrated, we finally went out for a 'spin' around Wales last Sunday. My wife, Sue came along too and we did about 250 miles on one of my 'Welsh wanderings', most of which Mike had not done before. We got on really well and took loads of pictures of him on his almost brand new Transalp,  I understand that he is now using the picture that I have attached as windows wallpaper! Mike is very enthusiastic about biking, and we are going to have a lot more enjoyment now there's at least two of us in the West of England with 'monster trailies' and I suppose that it's all down to Deti's marvellous Transalp page!
BTW, we stopped at a famous 'biker cafe' a Llandovery, nearly every bike outside was a Fireblade!

... and Mike Ralph himself wrote:

Hi Detlev
I understand that John has sent a photograph of me standing next to my 3 month old TRANSALP.As he probably explained this was taken last Sunday in WALES.
I am perfectly happy for you to use it on your guest page.I have listed below a few more details about myself:



Safe riding

Mike Ralph

And here it is: the picture of Mike and his Transalp (and John's Africa Twin in the background)

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