LKDAVE and his Transalp Hybrids

David G. Buttress AKA LKDave from San José/CA sent me this:

My Twin CR was built by my friend Harry Hoffman of Hoffman Motorsports Performance in San Carlos, CA about six years ago as his personal desert racer. Harry has a preference for twins and has custom fabricated numerous HY-BRID bikes in his time with even more still to come. I can only say that Harry is the genius behind the Twin CR and I am very fourtunate to know Harry and have him as a freind / riding partner.

The Twin CR is based on a 1990 Honda CR-500 deminsionally using much of the original CR componetry however, the frame is completely custom fabricated by Harry to accomodate the big V-Twin engine.

The engine is from a NT 650-GT Hawk and has specific modifications that only Harry knows the details off. It does have Two Bros. Racing 700 cc upgrades with crankshaft and flywheel retrofits which makes it a quick rever.

Harry and I have ridden the Twin CR in local and national dualsport events over the past years and it never fails to please. Of the bikes that I own the Twin CR is the most fun to ride.

I am personally interested in African Twins and hope in the future to find out more about the engines in same and their interchangability.

I recently purchased a 1990 TA (red) with 12k miles and the intentions of installing my spare NT 650-GT Hawk engine in it. I have completed a cosmetic restoration of the bike now and it appears new and runs so good with the original stock engine that I don't quite have the heart to disturb the bike. So I'm going to look for one that is less pristine and do a frame up special using the NT 650-GT.

Harry has already performed this engine swap in his 89 TA which also has been converted to a sport bike using a lowered suspension, CBR 900 wheels, special aluminum side and rear body work, and a seriously prepared TBR NT-650 w/ oversized custom stainless header and slip-on. Harry built this bike before Japan went after Ducati.

Best Regards,

And here are some pics of the TA-hybrid ... (click to enlarge)

Recently, David wrote:

Hi Deti,
checking in. Harry sold me his Transalp Motard with the modified 700cc NT Hawk engine.

Congratulations, David, for such a beautiful bike. Like to see more of this?
lkdave5 lkdave6 lkdave6
NT Transalp 700cc motard hybrid built by Harry Hoffman Susie red1990 Transalp My latest project 1950 Vincent series "C" Rapide Basket

Dave is a diligent sender of pics ... ;-) On 07-DEC-2001 he wrote:

Hi Deti

I thought that I would check in with my Transalp Colleagues.
In Sept I took a 6 day self guided tour in the Central Switzerland area ending on 11-9-01of all days. Great riding; I rented a Varadero at Moto-Center Thun CH (Photo attached)However currently missing ...

Harry, his son Craig, The Fontaine Brothers and myself just rode through Death Valley last month (Photos).
My TA really did well in the desert using a MT-21 rear and Unicross front as my preferred dualsport tire set up used on all my dirt bikes.

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