Jim Leininger's rear fuel storage

Jim Leininger sent me these pictures of his Transalp rear fuel storage:

Hello, here are pictures of the rear fuel storage on my Transalp. Please include these user tips:

  1. The trunk bag is Tour Master TB17 Tail Bag. This bag is big enough to accept a full face helmet, or a 2-gallon plastic gas can.
  2. The bag costs about $55-60 US, and is also available from Ocelot (Chaparral brand) for about $60. It comes with a rain cover and adjustable shoulder strap. The gas cans are about $5-6 at many service stations.
  3. The bag measures 12" x 9.5" x 6.5" in the main compartment.
  4. As shown in the photos, a ground wire must be wrapped around the handle of the gas can, and grounded to a frame bolt. The plastic tank, inside the nylon bag, will build static electricity.
  5. Use rubber hose on the vent nipple, and route it to the top bag handle, as shown. I am using a small jet, in the end of the hose, to keep fuel from sloshing out. Use a very small main jet or vacuum bleed orifice.
  6. Another very good vent system is the Vacuum Switching Valve air filter found on Japanese cars. These are used underhood, on various devices, and look like a small black plastic can (about 19 mm diameter, about 25 mm long) They have a foam air filter inside, and the plastic can (with filter) will fit onto small metal tubing. Push a piece of tubing into the end of your vent hose, and fit the filter.
  7. Always set your plastic gas can on the ground when filling, or after removing from the bag, prior to filling your bike. This dissipates static electricity.

Here are some additional Transalp tips, if you know anyone who wants them.

In the attached photos, I show my PIAA light mounts, and highway pegs. The light mounts/tubing loops are the rear frame loops from old Japanese dirt bikes ('70s stuff). Just hacksaw off the rear end of the frame, add supports, and fit them to your crash bars.

The highway pegs are old Honda footpegs, bolted to small tabs welded onto the bottom rail of my crashbars. What a pleasure these are, after 700 miles in one day.

Also enclosed is a close-up of the front edge of my Tour Master TB-12 Tank Bag. This bag is magic on a Transalp, because the front panel insert is ABS plastic. Pull the panel out of the bag, put on heavy gloves, then heat the plastic with a Heat Gun. Bend the center, lower edge back. This provides clearance for the Transalp gas cap vent. The TB-12 bag is a great travelling companion because the back of the compartment is shaped to carry spare full-face helmet shields. Wrap them in soft cloth, and you can carry 2-3 spares with no wasted space. It is EXACTLY the correct curve and height (good job, Tour Master)!

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