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David A. Horne from .uk sent me this:

Hello Detlev,
I have been surfing around Transalp pages, your stuff is really professional, I like it very much. Congratulations!
I have had a Transalp for only 4 months (I only passed my bike driving test in June this year). When I was a kid (a long time ago), you could ride 250's in the UK on a provisional licence, so I never bothered to take the test then; now you are only allowed up to a 125.
Now I am returning quickly to childhood, and I love the bike. My house is a kind of farm, and it's necessary to use a dirt track of 1mile from the road - perfect for the Alp! But it's great on the road too - maybe a bit more power would be nice (wouldn't it always!), but it's smooth to ride, the engine is really flexible, and you can flip it into the bends real fast.
Next week, I have to go to Brussels (business), so I decided to make it a bit more fun and take the bike. Maybe I'll get time to go over to Stuttgart to see some German biking friends I have there.
The Alp gives me pretty much everything I want in a bike. I haven't done much touring yet (longest single journey about 300 miles so far) - but I intend to change that pretty soon!
I live in the north of England, in the "hilly" bit. The roads are quiet and have lots of bends and ups and downs. The only danger normally is crashing into sheep. Some of the roads locally are well known to bikers from the nearby cities (Newcastle and Carlisle), and some of them have bad crashes into the stone walls. But if you know the roads well, it's a great place for bikes.

My Transalp details:-

1991, dark and light green
Registration: H127 WUM
Miles when bought: 13,700
Miles now: 15,500
It has a centre stand fitted, which is great for servicing, measuring oil levels etc!
The attached picture is a jpeg, uuencoded. It was taken at the side of my house.

David Horne
David Horne, Director of Business Development, Octacon Ltd. Zetland Buildings, Exchange Square, Middlesbrough, UK, TS1 1DE +44 1642 216 222 (direct) 200 (switchboard) 201 (fax)
David's Transalp
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