Dave's Transalp

Dave Steven send me these pictures of Happy Trail rack on his US-Transalp. He wrote:

Price was:

TransAlp SU Rack $232 (includes crossbrace)
Shipping $20 within USA
Adapter plate $12 (actually, not needed if your Givi Boxes have a flat back)
Junction Kit $16 (I think these are the Givi mounting hardware)
Total $280 US

The racks are powder coated in a choice of colors at no extra charge. I chose yellow but red, white, blue and black are offered.

Racks fit well; installation was straightforward and all hardware required was supplied. Only adaption (for the Givi E45's) was a relocation of the left turn signal which only required drilling one hole in the top rack support bracket. Did not have to do any rewiring.

BTW: I changed the stripe on my TA from red to yellow (just to be different)

Happy Trail rack Happy Trail rack Happy Trail rack with GIVI E45 panniers Happy Trail rack with GIVI E45 panniers

Happy Trail

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