Andreas' '92 - '97 Hybrid

In June '02, Andreas Hjalmarson from Sweden contacted me, telling, that he had bought a green '97 Transalp from a "grey" importer. The other day he noticed, that a '97 TA should have a double rotor front brake, while his bike had a single one, and that there was no green TA produced in '97 ... Complaining about that to the importer, this silly man told him, that in early 97, when TA production was moved to Italy, they assembled some bikes from older parts! This is bullshit, of course, and Honda Germany proved that.

Andreas sent me the frame number and the engine number, and this proved, that it was a '97 frame with a '92 engine, and with '92 tupperware! Also, Andreas managed to contact the former German owner of the '97 TA, and she told him, that the original colour of the bike has been red. After having crashed the bike, her insurance company in turn sold it to some bike dealer, which is a normal behaviour so far. I assume, that the bike dealer repaired it, and painted the frame black. The heaven however may know, why he used a 92 engine and 92 tupperware.

Currently, Andreas is trying to give the bike back to the importer. We'll see, what will happen ...

Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Nice bike anyway. Personally, I like the combination of oldstyle nose and newstyle back, with a black frame The '97 frame number Definitely - flat nose

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