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Altug Yanardad from Istanbul/Turkey wrote: Dear Deti,
I m Transalp user from İstanbul Turkey, and I have my second Ta now!
MY first Ta was beige 99 model end now I have an red 90 model ( american version they call her here ?? )
Following your site usually nad thx for all you tips!
I wanted to show you how I fixed the end silencer probleme! Interior of the last twin tubes were very rusty and I didnt want to change all the silencer, also I dont like the single tube silencers. So I ve decide to rescue it !!
Two WV Beatle silencer fitted very well inside of my TA' s end silencers and a mechanic friend fixed them with oxygene lamp!! And the cost was great; only Appx. 10 EUR !!!
The sound my friend, thats the great part of it!!! I ve always liked Ta sound but it s more poverfull now and very PA PA PA , CHO CHO CHO, PA PA PA, PPA PAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care for now !!


Altug Altug Altug

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