Oops, a scratch in the paint? And you just need a touch-up pen? Ooh, bad luck. AFAIK, Honda doesn't provide any colours. Aftermarket colour mixers like Rudolf Hartjens of Twistringen/Germany provide both 1 l cans and touch-up pencils. However - sit down and read - for DEM 49.95 (for a pearlwhite touch-up f.e., as Gregor Hermens recently told me). When having non-metalic colours, you might have a good chance to find a suitable colour when looking at car dealers', f.e. Volkswagen (they have nearly hundreds of colours). I found a suitable colour for my beige TA at a Honda car dealer (arrghh, forgot the name of the colour, hope I saved the can ...). When needing more than a pen, you might call Rudolf Hartjens of Twistringen/Germany or ask your local dealer for a nearer source.

But ha, in the 98 Götz catalogue I found some of the TA colours ...

colour codecolor nameorder# paintorder# touch up pencilorder# spray
NH193Ppearl cristal white681033(x) 761033(x)
PB215C(1)Tahiti candy blue31405(xs)31408(xs) 
RP131M(1)purple metalic49144(o)15144 
YR151Mnancy beige metalic491292(s)151292(s) 

packageindexcontentsprice (DEM)
painto375 ml48.90
paints375 ml29.90
paintx750 ml (set of 2)84.90
paintxs750 ml (set of 2)49.90
touch up pencilwithout12 ml12.90
touch up pencils12 ml6.90
touch up pencilxs24 ml (set of 2)9.90
sprayx300 ml (set of 2)35.90
No warranty ...!

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