Transalp Aftermarket Parts

 Transalp aftermarket parts
as provided by Hein Gericke
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Centerstand: How to mount a JF stand
and what to do when lacking one
Brakes Crashbars
Windshields Exhaust pipes Reusable airfilter
Front and rear suspension
E. Schwarz stuff: Seat height reduction kit, steering head bearings, ProLink Aluminum panniers. Carlo's experiences and sugestions.
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Carlo's tank page: Bigger fuel tanks for TA and AT
auf Deutsch | in English
Another way to carry additional fuel
Engine guard Paint Saddles Autom. chain lubrication systems
(Scottoiler,Chaintec, CLS200µ)
Anti-theft tips and equipment
Anti-theft alarms, by Dimitrios
Top 10 TA accessories A universal currency converter Another currency converter, not as universal